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At Ballan Primary School, our English program is based on the Victorian Curriculum areas of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

Our school provides a highly effective program that is grounded on structure, explicit teaching and assessment. Teachers assess performance and progress in student achievement, prioritise key focus areas for improvement, plan and develop improvement initiatives and implement, gather data and monitor student outcomes. Our teachers undertake ongoing professional learning in best practices to continually refine and share their understanding of the cognitive science of how we all learn to read and write. 

At Ballan Primary School we incorporate a variety of evidence-based approaches in literacy to ensure our students are receiving the best and most current practices. These include:

  • Decodable books in the early years, with students then being supported to explore complex and rich texts as they develop independence.
  • Decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension practices firmly grounded in the Science of Reading
  • Peggy Lego approach to NSW font handwriting formation.
  • Text structure, punctuation, grammar, ideas and genre based upon VCOP and The Big Write as well as the 6+1 Traits of Writing.
  • Phonics, rhyme, blending, segmenting, phonemic awareness, code knowledge and word building using Heggerty Phonemic Awareness warm-ups and Sounds-Write First Rate Phonics